South Devon Couples Therapy and Covid-19

Crazy times huh?

Covid-19 is forcing you to spend more time at home with your family.

Which is fine for some.

But if you’re like most people you’re likely to start rubbing each other up the wrong way after a little while.


If your relationship with your partner is in crisis right now, added closeness is likely to put added pressure on an already strained partnership.

Perhaps now, more than ever, because of this enforced confinement there’s an increased demand for relationship therapy.

Which presents you with a problem.

How come?

Well, the venues I use for face-to-face ‘in the flesh’ couples counselling have all shut their doors for the foreseeable future…

…And you’re not supposed to go outdoors unless absolutely necessary.

But there is a solution:

Online therapy via Video conferencing.

You know, Skype or Zoom that kind of thing.

Whilst you and I might not be able to meet face-to-face and in the flesh…

…We can still meet virtually.

Thanks to free programs like Skype and Zoom we can still connect and I can still help you to work on your relationship difficulties.

All from the comfort and safety of your own home.

And it gets even better.

How come?

Well, because I don’t have to do things like:

  • Pay for venue hire
  • Pay for travel
  • Pay for petrol
  • Pay for parking

And so on.

My overheads are lower.

And whilst the rest of my colleagues are continuing to charge ‘in the flesh’ fees for ‘virtual’ sessions…

…That seems unfair to me during this time of crisis, with everyone worrying about the jobs and their income.

What do you think?


So whilst Covid-19 is in full effect, I’m offering video conferencing sessions at just £35 per hour.

Once this crisis is over, I’ll put my fees back up again.

But for now…

Because of this situation I want to make certain you and your partner can get the help you need to overcome your relationship difficulties.

What next?

If you wish to schedule an appointment for online therapy please fill out the contact form below. My secretary will arrange a 10 minute – no obligation – chat with me to discuss your situation and to see if I can help.

Please Note: My assistant will reply to inquiries within 24 hours. If you don't receive an email by then, please check your trash folder. Sometimes the email will end up in your junk folder. Alternatively... put a contact number in the contact form along with good times to catch you and you'll get a 10 minute - obligation free - call to discuss your relationship and see if I'm the best solution for you.