How Much Does It Cost For Couples Counselling?

The fees for my couples therapy work are:

  • 2 hour Face to Face sessions at The Manor in Dawlish = £150
  • 90 minute Video Conferencing sessions (Via Zoom) = £100

Please note…

…I don’t offer the normal 1-hour sessions other therapists offer.

Why not?

Because I’ve found an hour session is just long enough to get a couple into a deeply vulnerable place and then it’s time to end.

No good.

Through years of experience, I’ve discovered a two-hour face-to-face session to be the sweet spot for deep, healing therapeutic work to take place.

I’ve also discovered two-hour video conferencing sessions are too long…

…Hour-long sessions are too short, and…

…90 minute sessions are just right.

How do I book a session?:

To make life (so much) easier for everyone, I use booking software on my website to schedule appointments.

To schedule your appointment please go here next.

If you have a question, you’ll find it quicker to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page as I’ve answered most of the common questions I get asked there.