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Online Therapy

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Online couples counselling, was first offered by SDCT as part of its commitment to continue providing high-quality relationship counselling during the COVID19 crisis.

Now, as life returns to a new normal, SDCT has decided to continue making online couples counselling available.

If you wish to book an online session, please go here next.

But it’s likely you may have questions and concerns about online couples therapy…

If so you’ll find the most common ones covered below:

Questions and Concerns about Online Therapy

Question: What will it be like?

Answer: Online therapy is available via video conferencing services via the webcam on your desktop or mobile device.

One of the great things about online counselling is how convenient and flexible it can be. Some people feel more comfortable and less anxious opening up and discussing their issues through online channels.

They can feel less pressured or rushed to talk.

For others, any interaction on the internet can feel riskier than doing the same thing in real life. It’s good to be cautious when online, especially where less than respectable websites are involved. It’s crucial to question the credibility of websites advertising online therapy services.

Question: How Does Online Therapy Work?

Answer: I’ll lead you through the process of online therapy just as if you were in my office. It’s that simple!

Question: I’m uncomfortable using technology. Is online therapy right for me?

Answer: Technology can be something that feels uncomfortable if you don’t use it often. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a technology nerd to do online therapy. I understand you might be a bit nervous the first few times we meet up via webcam. I know I was when I started offering this service. But you can rest assured I’ll do my best to support you as you take those early steps to do something new and a little scary.

After we schedule your appointment, I’ll send you a link to a secure, web-based video connection via email. At your appointment time, all you have to do is click on the link in that email.

I use Zoom to provide online therapy. If you’ve never used Zoom before when you click the link I send in your email, you’ll you be asked to install a plugin to connect your camera with your web browser.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions and select ‘Run’ to install.

I use Zoom because:

  • It’s available to users with slower Internet connections
  • You don’t need to download software or set up an account
  • It meets a very high standard of confidentiality and data security.

It’s easy to use and we can meet while you’re sitting on your sofa, sitting at your dining table or desk, or even propped up against pillows on your comfortable bed.

Most people find it’s not difficult once they get started and actually find it much more convenient. I encourage you to give it a try before deciding it’s not for you.

Concern: I don’t have a private space to do online therapy.

Reply: Having a private space to talk freely is sometimes a concern for clients. A little out-of-the-box thinking can help with finding the privacy needed for online therapy.

I’ve worked with couples whilst they were sitting in their cars, on their back patio, and with couples who go into a bedroom and lock the door so they can’t be interrupted.

Question: What about online privacy? Am I secure from hackers?

Answer: Zoom, the online service we use to deliver Webcam Counselling, will not collect your personal information and sessions are not recorded. Video calls take place using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure they remain confidential. When you make a booking you will be asked for an email address, if you want to keep these details private, please use an email address that only you have access to.

Zoom uses cookies. However, these will not contain identifiable information about you or your counselling session.

If you want to delete all traces of Zoom you’ll need to:

  • Uninstall Zoom
  • Delete your internet history for the day you had counselling
  • Delete any cookies Zoom has left on your device. You can get more information about deleting cookies on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Question: Does couples therapy work online?

Answer: My personal preference is to work face to face with couples. Fortunately, Gottman Institute and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy still work very well when delivered online. The structure of the sessions is exactly the same and the interventions are the same. The only difference is we’re looking at each other on a computer or device screen.

In my experience, if you are willing to put the work into your relationship, it doesn’t matter whether we’re working in my office or online.

It might take you a bit of getting used to, but it’s still highly effective.

Question: What do others think about online therapy?

Answer: Since delivering counselling online, I’ve discovered some people prefer it. Some find it easier to talk about difficult subjects without the intensity of being in the room with me. Some just like the comfort of being in their own space for therapy.

Question: Is zoom secure?

Answer: Yes – it’s a secure platform and it’s my preferred way of delivering safe and secure online couples counselling.

Question: Do you charge the same for online therapy as for face to face?

Answer: No. Even though I’m doing exactly the same work, I don’t have as many costs (room hire etc). Therefore it seems only fair that I charge a reduced fee for online therapy.

Question: How long are the sessions?

Answer: Online sessions are 90 minutes.

Question: How Much?

Answer: 90 minute online couples counselling sessions are £100.

What Now?

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