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Couples Counselling with Marcus Santer

Most therapists use what’s known as the ‘Therapeutic Hour’ approach to therapy – which is usually more like 50 minutes.

But in my experience, this amount of time is not enough.


Well, this commonly used approach is only long enough to get you and your partner into a very vulnerable and sensitive place, and then it’s time for you to go. And it’s for this reason I no longer offer the standard ‘Therapeutic Hour’ type sessions.

I have found longer sessions to be far more productive and beneficial to clients. Specifically, I’ve discovered 90 min sessions are best for online Zoom sessions and 120 mins for face-to-face sessions.

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Payment Policy

When you book an appointment you can pay a deposit equal to half the cost of a session to secure your booking. The balance is due at your appointment, or I will send you an invoice afterwards requesting the balance.


…You can pay in full at the time you make the booking.

Your choice.


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