How To Write A Love Letter

Every now and then – when appropriate – I ask a client how long it is since they last wrote a love letter to their partner.

If the responses I get to this question are anything to go by…

…The art of writing letters of love to your partner is a dying one.

And that’s a real shame.

Love letters matter.

How come?

They’re secret notes from your heart, telling stories of affection.

In our fast-paced world of texts and clicks, love letters are different.

They’re handwritten, real, and personal. With simple words, they capture feelings that are hard to express. Love letters are keepers of memories, little time capsules holding moments of joy, longing, and commitment.

They’re not just notes; they’re emotions on paper.

In a world that’s always changing, love letters stay the same, making them special. They’re a hug from the past, a reminder that some things, like love, are timeless and enduring.

When it comes to adding pep, zest and pizzazz to your relationship Love Letters are hard to beat.


…If it’s been a very long time since you wrote secret words to your partner…

…Here are 10 tips on how to write a love letter:

  1. Start with a Salutation – Begin the letter with a warm and affectionate salutation. You can use traditional greetings like “My Dearest [Name]” or something more casual like “Hey” [Name],
  2. Express Your Feelings – Be sincere and express your feelings honestly. Share why you love the person and what makes them special to you. Use specific examples or memories to make your words more personal.
  3. Use Romantic Language – Incorporate romantic and poetic language to convey the depth of your emotions. Metaphors, similes, and vivid descriptions can add a touch of romance to your letter.
  4. Share Memories – Recall shared memories or experiences that have had a significant impact on your relationship. This helps create a sense of nostalgia and reinforces the connection you share.
  5. Highlight Qualities – Mention specific qualities you love about the person. It could be their kindness, sense of humour, intelligence, or any other trait that has captured your heart.
  6. Be Vulnerable – Allow yourself to be vulnerable in your letter. Share your hopes, dreams, and fears. Being open about your feelings helps to deepen the emotional bond between you.
  7. Talk About the Future – Express your desire for a future together. Whether it’s short-term plans or long-term goals, discussing the future can be a way to show commitment and envision a life together.
  8. Compliment – Compliment your partner genuinely. Let them know that you appreciate not only their physical attributes but also their inner qualities. A little appreciation can go a very long way.
  9. Write in Your Own Voice – Be yourself. Write in a way that feels natural to you and reflects your personality. The authenticity of your words is what makes your love letter meaningful.
  10. End on a Positive Note – Finish your letter with a positive and loving message. You can express your anticipation of the future, reaffirm your love, or leave a sweet sentiment to linger in their mind.

Two important considerations:

Presentation – Content is crucial, but if you want your heartfelt declarations of love to have maximum impact, make sure you put some effort into the presentation. Use nice stationery, use your best handwriting. Consider adding a personal touch like a spritz of your perfume or a small drawing to make it extra special.

Size Isn’t Everything – You don’t have to write a whole novel for a love letter. If you’re short on time, a simple Post-It note with your affectionate words written on it, and placed strategically where your partner will find it, can be effective.

Remember, the most important thing is to be genuine and speak from your heart. Your love letter should reflect your unique connection with the person you’re writing it to.

Love letters are not like birthday cards.

The only reason you need to write one is because you want to remind your special person how much you love them.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put it off.

Write one now.

Until the next time


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