Hey there!

Do you ever find yourself thinking about those early days in your relationship?

You know, when both of you couldn’t get enough of each other. The days when making time for your partner was as natural as breathing?

It’s funny how life takes a turn, isn’t it?
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Hey there!

So, you’ve found yourself in the middle of yet another disagreement about where to spend your next holiday or how many children you want, or perhaps even where to live?

I’ve seen countless couples face similar struggles in my couples only counselling sessions.

Here’s the good news:
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We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

It’s a regular Tuesday evening.

You’ve just come home from a long day at work, and the smallest disagreement with your partner feels like the last straw. Stress — it’s a universal enemy, one that sneaks into our daily lives, and often finds its way into our relationships.

Hi, I’m Marcus Santer, and as a couples only counsellor, I’ve watched countless couples navigate these waters. Today, I’m going to share some wisdom on how you can better manage stress in your relationship.
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How often have you felt you and your partner are living two separate lives even though you’re under the same roof?

Maybe it’s been days since you really talked or weeks since you both did something fun together.

In our increasingly busy lives, staying connected can feel like an impossible challenge. But don’t fret, because today I’m here to share seven practical tips to keep your connection alive and thriving.
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Every now and then – when appropriate – I ask a client how long it is since they last wrote a love letter to their partner.

If the responses I get to this question are anything to go by…

…The art of writing letters of love to your partner is a dying one.

And that’s a real shame.

Love letters matter.

How come?
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Hey there! It’s Marcus Santer again, sharing another slice of my journey in the fascinating world of couples therapy.

I’ve got a story for you today, one that I hope you can either relate to or learn from.

At university I had a friend with an amazing way of always being upbeat. Let’s call him James. Every time I’d talk about a hurdle in life, James would reply with a cheerful spin on it. And me? Well, I’m a bit of a realist. You can imagine how our conversations went: him playing the sun, and me, the raincloud.

Sounds familiar?
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Hello there,

It was during an unusually cold winter evening that I first met Jenny and Dave.

They stepped into my office, fingers interlocked, a unified front.

They weren’t my usual couples seeking help for communication or intimacy issues. They were here because they’d faced a traumatic event that rocked their world.

And it’s their story, along with others, that inspired me to write this post.
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a couples only counsellor..

..It’s that the beauty of love lies in its complexity.

How many of you have found yourselves grappling with the thought: *”We’re so in sync, so why do our religious differences seem like a huge chasm?”* 🤔

First off, let’s get one thing straight:
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Today, I want to talk to you about an elephant in the room that many couples face but don’t always address head-on: cultural differences.

We’re living in a globalised world, and love isn’t limited by borders, right?

So, how do we keep these differences from driving a wedge between us?

Glad you asked, let’s consider:
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